Joy Hempfling, Vice President of Operations

Hearing Aid Specialists in Fort Wayne and Columbia City, IN Wapakoneta and Lima, OH

Joy became employee No. 1 in 2011 soon after a conversation with Ted Blanford, Summit founder and president. A Trine University graduate and sales and marketing professional, Joy had met Ted at a Starbucks to discuss some marketing plans for Summit's first location in Fort Wayne.

"I was so impressed with Ted's vision—I could feel the passion and energy he had for what he was doing," Joy says. "So I jokingly asked him, 'Where do I send my résumé?' I'm happy I asked. It's been a wonderful experience working in such a caring, compassionate, family-oriented environment where we’re changing lives in such a dramatic way every day.”

Joy also enjoys the friendships forged with patients, some of whom show their gratitude in wonderful ways. "A patient who came to us on our very first day of operation in 2011 was a gentleman who was having difficulties hearing conversations clearly with the hearing aids he was wearing at the time," Joy recalls. "He was so pleased with the care we provided and the treatment plan that benefited not only him, but his family as well, that he soon returned with a gift to show his appreciation. It was a beautiful painting on papyrus that his son had sent home from Egypt. That painting is still hanging here today as a reminder that we provide more than just hearing aids—our goal is to help people lead happier, healthier lives." 

Joy and her husband, Dean, have two daughters, and they reside in northwest Ohio. She enjoys spending her time off with friends and family in the outdoors, especially on the water.